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VOLTA — Lithuania
8 — 10 March '19
A 3 day recharge in the forests of Lithuania for a small, handpicked group. Rest, expand your mind and – if that's your thing – network.
Tea, journaling, practical philosophy, talks, sauna, walks around the forest, cold exposure, hot tub.
( In a nutshell. )

△ Moritz, Alex, Alexis trying to keep a straight face. Greece, 2018.
A 'volta' is a peripatetic retreat which the three of us practice every few months as a way to recharge, share knowledge and form good habits.

For this edition we are broadening the circle and inviting a select few who enjoy nature, good conversation and scrutinised company.
△ Alexis and Moritz during an ice bath in Lithuania, the kind we will aim to do should the lake on the property still be frozen.
Moritz Bierling
Moritz Bierling is the owner and principal of Existential Ventures, a consultancy advising visionary founders on how to catalyze their projects through strategy, storytelling, and technology.

Currently, he works primarily with Holo and Holochain, two sister projects that aim to deliver on the promises the blockchain technology promised but cannot keep. In his work with Exosphere, he has organized a number of educational programs (e.g. the world's first Ethereum training course), authored a Primer on the emerging discipline of Alternate Reality Design, and now advises the organization on strategy.

His work has appeared in a number of blockchain-related and libertarian media outlets such as CoinTelegraph, The Freeman's Perspective, and the School Sucks Project. Having dropped out of university twice, his path has taken him from the most abstract heights of philosophy to the pragmatic truths of an action-oriented life, the bridge between these two extremes being the focus of his current research and communication efforts. In his most recent work, he researched and presented on the use of memes in the formation of culture and the political struggle. Moritz lives in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Instagram: @bierlingm

Alexis Papageorgiou
Alexis is a producer and project manager working with blockchain and tech companies. His early background is in media production. With 18 years first startup was building the online education and learning magazine Abduzeedo, for digital artists and designer in the early Web 2.0 days, reaching more than 4 million viewers per month.

He started studying motion pictures and directed and produced documentaries in 20+ countries, topics ranging from politics, economics to technology and philosophy. The latter sparkled an interest for learning and creating education experiences prompted him to Exosphere Academy.

In the years following he worked as project manager for media platforms (Cryptoticker ), events (C3 Conference, Germanies largest crypto conference) and tech projects (Holo, Hashgraph, SingularityNET). He frequently gives seminars sharing ideas about project management, philosophy, storytelling and quake-topics (ideas that shake your belief system).

Instagram: @faltmast

Alex Beltechi
Alex Beltechi combines art and technology to design products, services and experiences in the digital space.

Having worked for clients such as Hermès, Audi, Versace, Nike, H&M, Lenovo, Hublot among others, Alex is currently designing a cryptocurrency platform aiming to unite the best aspects of multi-exchange trading, networking and automation.

Originally from Transylvania, Alex is based in London / Bucharest and considers his career as an output resulting from an untethered curiosity for the now. With interests in quantum physics, eastern, western philosophy and the broader field of art — he attempts to understand the relationship one has with reality. His efforts are translated into experiments in photography, drawing, music and contemplation.

Instagram: @alexbeltechi

How do I reach this place from the airport?
The venue is nearby Vilnius (approximately 40km). We are organising a carpool to get everyone on location from Vilnius' city centre.
What is cold exposure?
We are aiming to do an icebath in the pond opposite the sauna. In case the ice has melted, we will do a combined cold and sauna exposure to a similar effect.
8 — 10 March 2019
€ 120 incl. food.
This is that thing you said you'd do one day.
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